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Thoughtful Action

Creating Success and a Breath of Fresh Air!

Thoughtful Action is a creative, energizing way to lead with excellence today and in the emerging future.

We chose the phrase "thoughtful action" to encompass three core concepts for success in life, in organizations and in communities. 

  • Thoughtfulness - Part I: The capacity to think clearly, carefully, and critically, enabling one to perceive the big picture and the entire system, and choose actions that serve the larger system well.

  • Thoughtfulness - Part II: Truly caring about others, being compassionate, supportive and understanding. Non-judgmentally considering the needs and aspirations of others and of oneself. 

  • Action: Having the courage and energy to make things happen, to bravely step forward in the desired direction. To fully engage oneself and others in the journey and the work.

Thoughtfulness Without Action is a Dream
Action Without Thoughtfulness is a Nightmare


Thoughtful Action is about leaders creating the conditions for everyone to flourish and for businesses to succeed. Thoughtful Action is about moving from living and leading reactively, to living and leading consciously, connected and fully present.

Thoughtful Action Delivers
Meaningful Relationships
Collective Wisdom and Insight
Thriving and Succeeding Together
Progress Through Innovation and Excellence

The Thoughtful Action Model

The Spirit of Thoughtful Action

Voices of Leadership... and Life is a map and guide for creating the space to show up in a more expansive, generative way. To lead and live from open space, mind, heart and spirit (possibility, curiosity, connection and courage).

Mindful Awareness is the ability to focus and steady the mind, while being nonjudgmentally aware of the present moment.

Authentic Self is having a clear sense of purpose, values and direction; the ability and courage to know and accept ourselves and to let others see what matters to us; and to enhance our ability to develop and grow.

Contribution: At the center is a focus on making a positive contribution to something larger than ourselves; focusing on making some part of your world a better place.

The Engine of Thoughtful Action

Generative Conversation: Engaging in conversations that truly connect with the core goodness and humanity of others, that inspire, serve and grow others. Conversations that bring out the best in ourselves and in others.

Creating Community: Being thoughtful about others, being compassionate and caring. Co-creating and bringing to life core values and shared purpose and direction. Appreciating, including and holding a safe place for the rich, beautiful diversity of people to flourish and contribute.

Learning and Growing: Building a growth-mindset organization that embodies the belief that everyone can learn, grow and improve.  Creating an environment and the conditions to foster shared learning and collaborative support for development.

Acting Cohesively: Seeing the big picture, the whole system in order to act from a perspective that serves the whole, that considers the needs of all stakeholders.  The ability to influence, inspire, align, energize and mobilize to achieve our aspirations and deliver on our purpose.

It is the integration of the spirit and engine of thoughtful action that is the magic to nurturing the best of the human spirit and delivering the results that matter.
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