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The Power of Meta-Skills

The Building Blocks for Leadership Excellence

The Complexity of Leadership

Our world is becoming more complex, fast-paced and uncertain. As a result, it challenges leaders today with an ever-growing list of expectations and skill requirements. It is no wonder many leaders feel overwhelmed. And, even with all the investment in leadership, we still have a leadership skill gap and large portions of the workforce disengaged. Something isn’t working!

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A Better Way

We believe that there is a much better and simpler way. One that builds deep capabilities and qualities around a small set of powerful “meta skills.” Skills that can be blended and used in ways that enable skillful leadership across a wide variety of situations.


META SKILL – A foundational skill that is a valuable component of multiple higher-level skills and leadership qualities


META-SKILL TOOLKIT – a set of meta-skills that are common across a wide-range of leadership responsibilities and can be combined in unique ways to lead well across a variety of situations and challenges

A Small Set of Tools
For an Array of  Situations and Solutions

Generative Conversations


that move us forward

  • Deep Listening

  • A Language of Life

  • Generative Conversations

Creating Community

enabling individual and collective success

  • Co-creating Shared Direction

  • Compassion and Connection

Learning and Growing

accelerating meaningful growth for all

  • Energy-based Becoming

  • Agile Learning Cycles

Acting Cohesively

energize and

align our actions

  • Whole Systems Perspective

  • Aligned Agility


A Better Way

Meta-skills  +  Differentiating Competencies

Excelling at Leadership

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