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Becoming a Thoughtful Action Leader

Leading for Success Today and for a Better Future
Breathe New Life and Energy Into How You Lead

Leaders are confronted with a wider variety of situations and diversity of people than at any time in the past. There is a choice to be made: continue on the same path, or begin exploring with us and your peers the possibilities for creating a better way for learning, leading and living—a better way that is not a one size fits all solution, but one that you fit to your unique situation, gifts and strengths.

In this engaging program, you will join an energized group of leaders, and together open up to see yourselves and the world of work in powerfully new ways, leveraging these new perspectives to move toward a way of leadership that creates the space and conditions for everyone to thrive.

Thoughtful Action Leadership…
  • Engages the best of the human spirit

  • Promotes individual, team, and organizational learning and growth

  • Cultivates respectful and meaningful relationships and communities

  • Creates space and energy to achieve, succeed and thrive

  • Makes the world where we stand a better place

Within a learning community of peers, you will learn how to…
  • Tap into the power of the Voices of Life and Leadership and demonstrate an ownership commitment

  • Use Generative Conversations to bring out the best in ourselves and others

  • Practice deep listening and responding with life affirming language

  • Create Community through compassion and truly appreciating, including and holding a safe place for everyone to succeed and contribute. Co-creating and energizing around shared values, purpose and direction.

  • Learn and Grow: Develop ourselves and others using the Energy-based Becoming™ and Coaching processes. Accelerate learning and development with deliberate practice.

  • Act Cohesively: Acting in ways that are congruent with who we are, individually and as a group. Use systems/polarity thinking to build and optimize energy and engagement. Move from the individual hero leader to collective leadership using the 6 Stances of Leadership™

  • Be a champion for the best of what the human spirit has to offer


We begin with an orientation call 

  • Program overview and Q&A

  • Meet your fellow participants in this adventure

  • Overview of the pre-work


2 to 3-day workshop

The heart of the program is a 2 to 3-day workshop/retreat where you will be introduced to and practice the skills of Thoughtful Action Leadership

3-months of post-workshop support

  • Join a peer learning group to support the application of thoughtful-action.

  • On-going brief text messages with practice suggestions, encouragement, and supporting information

  • Three optional monthly sessions with the instructors to answer questions and provide 

Pre-requisite: The Voices of Leadership and Mindful Leadership, which are covered in the Awakening the Leader Within workshop, are foundational for Thoughtful Action leadership. For those who have not attended Awakening the Leader Within, we can add on a one-day pre-workshop session to cover the core concepts.  

For more information, or if you are interested in hosting a program in your organization...

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