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We offer one-on-one, deep coaching on...
  • Embodying the Voices of Life and Leadership

  • Mindfulness-based Leadership

  • Becoming a Thoughtful-Action Leader

  • Feedback and Coaching Using the Leadership Circle(TM) 360

  • Leveraging Your Strengths with VIA Character Strengths

  • Generative Conversations

  • Authentic Leadership

Our Energy-based Development and Coaching Model

Everyone has a rich set of gifts, talents, and skills. Some are strong, others not so strong. We think of these as your "team" of skills, and our job is to help you maximize team performance


Our development and coaching approach helps leaders move beyond simply playing to your strengths or fixing your weaknesses strategies. We help leaders listen to their internal wisdom, discover where their energy is for learning and growth, and channel that energy to make a meaningful difference in performance. 


Discover what you have energy for developing - the skills at the intersection of talents, aspirations, and needs.


Choose and clearly define the one or two areas to focus your development energy on.

Growth Cycles-Dark.png


Accelerate learning and development with rapid, short cycles of application, practice and reflection


Maintain and embody new behaviors that serve you and others well.

What We Bring to Coaching...

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